FATOSA's history stretches back to 1969, when it built its first machines in Sabadell, near Barcelona, which were designed especially for use in small-scale factories and for export. Many years have gone by between the manufacture of those first units and the current range with over thirty models. Throughout this time there has been a constant development of the designs, quality and safety as part of the company's ongoing commitment to the food industry.

All of FATOSA's are designed by its own engineering department, taking into account technological developments and market needs, as well as the international directives on health and safety. Quality is an extremely important part of design, as it enables us to offer our customers machines that are accurate, robust and long-lasting. The broad variety of machines we have today allows us to supply both small and large food processing facilities. Moreover, FATOSA has sufficient technical resources to adapt, with great flexibility, to each customer's particular needs.

FATOSA's manufacturing facilities are in Sabadell, a town situated in a traditionally industrial area, with excellent links by every mode of transport: air, sea, road and rail.

From the very beginning FATOSA's sales spread across Europe. In time, however, as a result of the considerable efforts of all those involved in the company, its machines reached all five continents. Today FATOSA machines are operating in countries as far apart from each other as Japan and the United States, Indonesia and Norway, South Africa and Canada.
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